High Flow Construction Grout

A non-shrink, high strength cement based flowing grout designed for pumped placement over large areas without bleed or mix segregation and high penetration.

Flow Modified Grout Range

Pre-blended high flow cementitious grouts, manufactured using ordinary Portland cement, selected fillers and a chloride free super plasticising additives to produce a highly fluid mix.

High Strength Grout Range

A non-shrink, high strength cementitious construction grout. It is designed for use where higher strength is required to fulfil onerous load bearing requirements.

Polymer Modified Grout Range

Pre-blended cementitious grouts made with polymeric additives to provide grouts with excellent washout resistance.

Platinum Precision Grout

Pozement Platinum precision grout (PG) is a non-shrink, fluid cementitious grout with excellent flow and flow retention properties.