Steel Frame Installation Solutions

Grouts, mortars and concretes for steel frame construction

Pozament supply a range of specialist grouts, concretes and mortars for installation of steel frame structures.

Pozament’s specialist grouts and mortars for steel frame construction are suitable for a wide range of applications including: high strength and accelerated set grouts and mortars for steel frame construction, high performance grouts and mortars for steel frame construction of bridges and grouts and mortars for Steel frame construction of warehouses and commercial buildings.

Solutions for every challenge

Grouts with high compressive strength for steel frame construction

Ultra high strength grouts and mortars are available for installation of large steel frame structures. They offer rapid strength gain and high final compressive strengths. 

Precision, shrink compensated grouts for steel frame construction

Pozament grouts and mortars are available with shrink compensated formulas for accurate installation of steel structures.

Rapid set grouts and mortars for installing steel structures

Our rapid set grouts and mortars offer excellent strength gain and help to improve efficiency and productivity. They are also a valuable solution for on-site adjustments during construction and emergency work.  

Solutions for every sector

Precision grouts for steel bridge construction

Pozament can supply grouts and bedding mortars that combine high compressive strength with high precision and low shrink characteristics. 

Bedding grouts and mortars for  warehouses construction

Our grouts and mortars can be supplied in large volumes for use on large scale projects such as warehouses and logistics centres.

Construction materials for sports halls and leisure centres

Pozament specialist grouts and mortars allow rapid pumped installation enabling fast, accurate construction of steel framed sports and leisure buildings.

Precision grouts and mortars for infrastructure

High levels of precision and rapid set times, make Pozament grouts and mortars the ideal choice for installation and maintenance of road and rail infrastructure.

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