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our sustainability priorities

Sustainability is essential for the prosperity and well-being of society, our customers, the communities in which we operate and the long-term success of our business.
The world is changing and it is widely recognised by UK Government and the construction sector that environmental and social considerations will transform our future - what we build, what we build it with and how we build it.
As a leader in the UK construction sector, Tarmac recognises the important role we have in enabling the transition to a sustainable, resilient built environment, the benefits this will bring to society and the opportunities for our business.

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Helping you measure your impact
carbon footprint calculation

Understanding the embodied carbon of products is the first part of the journey towards understanding the whole life emissions of a project. For all of our products we are able to provide product specific carbon footprint information. Our carbon calculator has been created in accordance with the methodologies set out in PAS 2050:2011 ‘Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services’ and the Asphalt Pavement Embodied Carbon Tool (asPECT v3.0).

Calculating the CO2 footprint for a product not only provides a clear understanding of the products that are being used but also allows for carbon to be managed in the supply chain. It is also possible to compare alternative products and services, actively seek lower carbon alternatives and understand the impact of using recycled and secondary materials.

request a carbon footprint calculation

For more information or to request a carbon footprint calculation, email us with your order number or project and product details.

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Sustainable Asset Management

There are thousands of civil engineering and infrastructure assets throughout the UK, from bridges and tunnels to sea walls and flood defences.

Extending the usable lives of these assets can make a huge contribution to sustainability by avoiding the emissions associated with replacing them.

Pozament supply the specialist grouts, mortars, cements and seals needed to adapt, maintain, repair and refurbish these assets.

Longer lasting repairs can also extend maintenance intervals, reducing the number of interventions needed over the course of an asset’s life and the associated carbon emissions.

Sustainable asset management
Building the sustainable infrastructure of the future

Pozament have an outstanding track record of supplying the innovative materials needed to complete pioneering landmark infrastructure projects, stretching back decades, including the Channel Tunnel, London Crossrail and most recently HS2. In each case we have used our expertise to help project managers and consulting engineers to meet the unique challenges they face. Today Pozament are developing the specialist high performance materials needed to build the sustainable infrastructure of the future, from installing wind turbines to building sea and flood defences.

To find out more about these projects and our participation in them, read our case studies:

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steel frame

high strength bedding mortars and
grouts for fast, effective installation