Concrete Repair Solutions

Grouts, mortars and concretes for repair of concrete structures

Pozament supply a range of concrete repair materials to repair renovate and protect concrete structures including bridges, tunnels, roads and marine concrete structures. They help contractors to deliver fast, permanent structural and non-structural concrete repairs.

The range of concrete repair solutions includes: Concrete primers and bonding aids for concrete repair, concrete repair grouts including high penetration injection grouts for structural concrete repairs and to stabilise structures, concrete repair mortars flowing, high strength repair concretes, spray concretes for concrete repairs.

Solutions for every challenge

BS EN 1504 R4 compliant structural concrete repair solutions

Pozament supply range of solutions for structural concrete repairs that meet the requirements of BS EN 1504 Class R4.

Rapid concrete repairs

Pozament supply concrete repair, grouts, mortars and concretes with rapid strength grain and faster setting times. These allow faster concrete repairs that can help minimise road or site closures and associated operational disruption.

Chloride free concrete repair solutions

Pozament supply chloride free mortars grouts and concretes designed for the repair and protection of steel reinforced concrete.

Sustainable approach to concrete repairs

Planned maintenance and repair of concrete structures can extend their life and frequently offers a more sustainable long term approach that reduces net embodied carbon emissions.

Concrete repairs for bridges

Effective concrete repairs using Pozament concrete repair solutions can help extend the life of concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and retaining walls.

Concrete repairs for tunnels

Repairs and refurbishment of tunnels needs specialist materials. Pozament can supply a range of specialist cementitious materials for tunnel repair and refurbishment from high performance concrete repair mortars and joint seals to spray concretes.

Solutions for every sector

Concrete repairs for roads

Our range of concrete repair solutions are designed for use on roads including stabilisation and replacement of concrete slabs and repair or reinstatement of kerbs, barriers and posts.

Concrete repairs for rail infrastructure

Pozament concrete repair solutions can be used for fast permanent repair to concrete rail infrastructure including track beds, rail platforms.

Marine concrete repairs

Pozament supply concrete repair products for repair and maintenance of marine structures such as sea walls, coastal and flood defences, bridges, ports, harbours and wharfs.

Concrete repairs for civil engineering

Our range of concrete repair solutions for civil engineering applications allow fast, permanent concrete repairs that minimise delays and site closures.

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