Technical Mortars for construction and civil engineering

Introduction to the Pozament range of Mortars products

Pozament’s technical mortars for civil engineering and construction offer enhanced performance where a high strength mortar or rapid set mortar is required. The range includes polymer modified mortars and fibre reinforced mortars and specialist mortars for specific construction and civil engineering applications like concrete repair mortar, pressure pointing mortars and thin joint mortars. Pozament also supply grouts for use in challenging environments including: highway mortars for repair of highway structures like bridges and tunnels, marine mortars for repair of marine structures, tunnelling mortars for installation, maintenance and repair.

Our Mortars Range

Pressure Pointing Mortars

Installation Mortar

Concrete Repair Mortar

Pozament’s Pressure Pointing Mortar Range is a range of pre-blended cementitious pressure pointing mortars designed for mechanical and hand re-pointing and renovation of masonry and stone substrates prior to grouting. This includes:

  • Accelerated set pressure pointing mortars for use in wet and submerged conditions
  • Overhead use pressure pointing mortars
  • Narrow joint or thin joint pressure pointing mortars

Pozament’s installation mortars offer a versatile and proven solution for installation and repair work in a range of environments.

  • General Purpose Mortar - versatile mortar for laying brick or block walls or block paving, for rendering or patching or general repairs.
  • Rapid Set Mortars – offer reduced setting times for faster completion and reduced disruption
  • Thin Joint Mortar – are designed for use with thermal blocks to improve thermal efficiency and reduce U values.

Concrete repair mortars from Pozament offer proven solutions for fast, long lasting repairs to concrete structures in a range of environments from roads, bridges and tunnels to marine structures like harbour walls or floor defences. This includes:

  • Easy Patch Mortar
  • Fairing Coat Mortar ;
  • High Build Mortar
  • High Performance Repair Mortar

Mortar for highway repairs

Mortar for marine repairs

Plugging mortars

High Performance Repair Mortar for highways - Pozament High Performance Repair Mortar conforms to the relevant standards for use on highways including the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R3 and complies with D.o.T. BD27/86 clause 6 for highway repair mortars.

High Performance Repair Mortar for marine environments - High bond strength in wet conditions and excellent wash out resistance make Pozament High Performance Repair Mortar an excellent choice for repairs to marine structures like sea walls, bridges and coastal and flood protection structures.

Pozament supply a range of plugging mortars with low shrinkage characteristics and a high level of resistance to sulphate and other chemical attack. Our High Performance Plug is a rapid setting plugging mortar for installation and repair work to concrete and brick structures below the waterline. It is designed for use under water or in a wet environment and specifically formulated to resist saltwater degradation.

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