Precast Installation Solutions

Grouts, mortars and concretes for precast construction

Pozament supply a range of specialist grouts, concretes and mortars for installation, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of pre-cast concrete structures.

The range of precast installation solutions includes: Precision precast bedding mortars for accurate precast construction, joint sealing grouts and mortars for precast panels including vertical, horizontal and overhead joints, hydrotite water stops for precast sections, fairing coat mortars for finishing precast concrete panels, and easy patch mortars for patched repairs to precast panels.

Solutions for every challenge

Bedding mortars and grouts for precast concrete panels

Pozament can supply precision, rapid setting and high strength grouts and mortars for bedding of precast panels for application from tunneling and retaining walls to precast buildings. 

Joint sealing grouts and mortars and waterstops for precast panels

Our range of solutions for sealing joints in precast panels includes injection grouts and mortars to seal vertical, horizontal and overhead joints and Hydrotite water stops for precast sections.

Water stops for precast sections

Hydrotite hydrophilic water stops can be supplied as part of the Pozament range that are designed to seal  precast concrete joints and prevent  water ingress.

Finishing precast concrete panels

We can supply fairing coat mortars suitable for finishing pre-cast segments to remove any defects of imperfections and deliver the best possible appearance. 

Patched repairs to precast panels

Our range of concrete repair solutions are suitable for planned and reactive repairs to precast concrete structures.

Solutions for every sector

Precast construction of bridge decks

Pozament can supply a range of specialist grouts, mortars, joint seals and specialist concretes for installation and repair of bridge decks, to deliver long  lasting performance. 

Precast construction of buildings

Pozament offer a range of specialist grouts, mortars, joint seals and specialist concretes that enable fast, efficient construction and finishing of precast buildings. 

Precast construction of utilities infrastructure

Our range of anti washout and chemical resistant grouts, mortars, joint seals and specialist concretes are ideal for the construction and maintenance of utility infrastructure. 

Precast construction in road and rail applications

Fast setting and high early strength grouts, mortars and cements enable faster construction and repair of pre-cast transport infrastructure to help keep roads and railways moving and avoid delays. 

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