Piling Solutions

Specialist grouts and mortars for piling installation

Pozament supply a range of specialist grouts and mortars for piling installation including: specialist polymer modified and gel modified grouts for piling installation, anti washout grouts for marine piling, high strength and accelerated set grouts for piling installation, grouts for ground stabilisation and sulphate resisting piling grouts

Solutions for every challenge

Piling installation

Our range of materials for piling works, is designed for the most challenging project or difficult ground conditions and can be specifically designed and tested for the client and their project. 

Marine piling

Pozament have a record of supplying piling grouts for marine applications requiring specific characteristics such as washout resistance, an inert, non-toxic formulation safe for marine life and the ability to set underwater.

Ground stabilisation

We can supply high flow grouts for ground stabilisation that enable maximum penetration of voids and effective resistance to sulphates for use in difficult ground conditions. 

Solutions for every sector

Piling materials for civil engineering

Pozament can supply high performance piling grouts for the most challenging civil engineering projects. 

Piling materials for transport infrastructure

Our range of piling materials can be used in construction of transport infrastructure in construction of roads and railways for retaining walls and other civil engineering structures. 

Marine piling materials for ports and harbours 

We can supply grouts and mortars with low porosity and high washout resistance for use in marine applications. 

Piling materials for tall structures

Pozament can supply high performance piling grouts for use in construction of tall buildings and structures such as telecommunication masts and wind turbines. 

Bespoke grouts and mortars for piling installation

At Pozament we excel in developing specialist construction solutions that meet the challenges faced by civil engineers. As well as our standard off the shelf range of products, we can also supply specially formulated grouts or mortars for piling construction to meet the specific needs of the client or site. Our experienced technicians and laboratory facilities mean that whatever the challenge you face, we can find a solution that works.

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