CemThix Installation Grout

Pozament CemThix Installation Grout is a high early strength, thixotropic grout designed for grouting of vertical, horizontal and overhead joints between linked precast wall segments and structural support of precast panels.

Pressure Pointing Mortar Range

A range of high-performance cement mortars designed for mechanical pressure pointing and hand repointing and renovation of masonry and stone substrates prior to grouting.

Expansive Grout Range

A range of high yield, high penetration expansive grouts designed to give controlled expansion and minimal plastic shrinkage.

Gel Modified Grout Range

A range of thixotropic, pre-blended cementitous grouts with an early gel time and excellent pumpable qualities when mixed with water.

Polymer Modified Grout Range

Pre-blended cementitious grouts made with polymeric additives to provide grouts with excellent washout resistance.