High Performance Construction Grouts

Introduction to the Pozament range of Grout products

Our range of high-performance grouts for civil engineering and construction make Pozament first choice for specialist construction grouts whatever the application. The range includes high strength grouts, fast setting grouts and high flow grouts. They are trusted by design and civil engineers to complete the most challenging projects.

Our Grouts Range

Precision Grouts

Structural Grouts

Tunnelling Grouts

The Pozamant Platiunum range of flowing, high strength and rapid setting precision grouts is designed for accurate installation of elements like bridge bearings and stanchion base plates for steel framed structures. The range includes:

  • High strength precision grout where very high compressive strength is required
  • Fast-setting precision grout for rapid strength gain
  • Flowing non-shrink precision grout with excellent flow retention properties.

Pozament supply a range of structural grouts including bearing grouts for baseplates on steel framed structures like buildings or bridges and installation of critical plant and equipment. Pozament structural grouts are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Structural grouts for baseplates
  • Structural grouts for bearings
  • Shrinkage compensated/ non shrink structural grouts and high compressive strength structural grout.

Our range of specialist grouts for tunnelling applications includes soil stabilisation grouts, void filling grouts and grouts for sealing tunnel segments. This includes:

  • Polymer modified grouts- For use in wet conditions to combat the effects of washout.
  • Gel modified grouts - Thixotropic, shrink compensated grout for use is moderately damp and wet conditions. 
  • Expansive tunnelling grouts - for controlled expansion and minimal plastic shrinkage.
  • Flow modified tunnelling grouts - for long distance pumping with enhanced penetration.

Mining Grouts

Concrete Repair Grouts

Anchor Grouts

Our specialist grouts for mining, cover a range of applications from ground levelling and cable bold installation to sealing and void filling. Our range of mining grouts includes:

  • Free flowing, non-combustable mining grout, easily mixed gel – Strataseal
  • High yield, monolithic mining grout, for short distance pumping – Astrablend
  • Mining grout for stoppings, air seals, back filling and ribside sealing - Minemaster S
  • High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG) for mining - High performance grout for use with cable bolts for roof and ribside bolting
  • Cable Bolt Grout (CBG) for mining - Strata reinforcement grout for cable bolting.

Structural concrete repairs to structures like tunnels and bridges require specialist grouts. Our concrete repair grouts deliver the right properties and performance characteristics:

  • Low chloride grouts for concrete repairs
  • High early strength grout for structural concrete repairs
  • Fast setting grouts for concrete repair

Pozament concrete repair grouts are suitable for a range of repair and upgrade applications:

  • Grouts for bridge repairs
  • Grout for road surface repairs
  • Tunnel repair grouts
  • Grouts for joints between linked precast wall segments

Pozament supply a range of anchor grouts for secure installation of cable bolts in a range of environments from bridges to tunnels and mine shafts. These grouts offer rapid strength development for early support and positive expansion to enhance bond strength and anchorage. They also provide protection to the bolts and cables in aggressive ground conditions.

The range includes:

  • High Performance Rock Bolt Grout (HPRG) - High performance grout for use with cable bolts for roof and ribside bolting.
  • Cable Bolt Grout (CBG) - Strata reinforcement grout for cable bolting.

Marine Grouts

Ground Stabilisation Grouts

Piling Grouts

Pozament supply a range of grouts for marine and under water use, including specialist grouts for marine piling, grouts for use in constructing and repairing ports, harbours, sea walls.

Pozament marine grouts are also used for coastal protection sea walls and flood defence grouts. Our range includes Polymer Modified Grouts with a high resistance to washout, designed for general grouting use underwater or in wet conditions.

Our specialist stabilisation grouts are designed for soil stabilisation and void filling. They have been proven on major projects and in critical environments.

The range includes Pozament Flow Modified Grouts available in a range of formulations with different strengths and settings times to meet the challenges of the site.

Pozament supply piling grouts designed for piling installation on a range of challenging environments including marine piling.

The range includes gel modified grouts for piling, used to for piling lubrication and stabilisation.

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