Plugging Mortar

A pre-blended cementitious plugging mortar designed for sealing wall ties

Pressure Pointing Mortar Range

A range of high-performance cement mortars designed for mechanical pressure pointing and hand repointing and renovation of masonry and stone substrates prior to grouting.

Rapid Set Mortar

A fast setting, high bond pointing and repair mortar designed for structural repairs to concrete. When mixed with water it produces a putty-like mortar with excellent wash out resistance and a powerful bond onto wet concrete substrates.

Thin Joint Mortar

A one-part cement based, polymer modified mortar designed for thin joint construction.

Easy Patch Mortar

A fast setting, high bond mortar designed for structural repairs to concrete in highways, rail, marine and civil engineering environments.

Fairing Coat Mortar

A single component polymer modified levelling mortar specially formulated to re-profile concrete in thin applications without cracking.

High Performance Repair Mortar

A pre-blended, one part cement based concrete repair mortar, specifically designed for hand applied concrete repairs.


A pre-blended cementitious bedding mortar with a high bond strength and shrink compensating agent to reduce the risk of cracking.