PQX Cement

A quick setting ultra-rapid hardening cement for use in producing concrete for the rapid repair and replacement or construction of concrete roads and airfields where time is limited.

CemThix Installation Grout

Pozament CemThix Installation Grout is a high early strength, thixotropic grout designed for grouting of vertical, horizontal and overhead joints between linked precast wall segments and structural support of precast panels.

Cable Bolt Grout (CBG)

Anchor grout for cable bolting and securing GRP bolts and dowels. Specially formulated to reinforce and bond rock strata to enable secure anchoring.

Flowing Repair Concrete

Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete is a high strength, shrinkage compensated, chloride free, low permeability repair concrete. It contains a blend of low alkali Portland cements, micro-silica and other cementitious binders combined with high purity limestone aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures.

Rapid Set Flowing Repair Concrete

Pozament Rapid Set Flowing repair concrete is a fast setting repair concrete designed for fast, efficient concrete repairs in critical environments to minimise site closures, delays and operational disruption. It has an initial initial set time of just 15-25 minutes, achieves a strength of 29 N/mm2 after 2 hours and can enable a return to service in under 2 hours.

Pressure Pointing Mortar Range

A range of high-performance cement mortars designed for mechanical pressure pointing and hand repointing and renovation of masonry and stone substrates prior to grouting.

Rapid Set Mortar

A fast setting, high bond pointing and repair mortar designed for structural repairs to concrete. When mixed with water it produces a putty-like mortar with excellent wash out resistance and a powerful bond onto wet concrete substrates.

Easy Patch Mortar

A fast setting, high bond mortar designed for structural repairs to concrete in highways, rail, marine and civil engineering environments.

High Performance Repair Mortar

A pre-blended, one part cement based concrete repair mortar, specifically designed for hand applied concrete repairs.

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