Flowing Repair Concrete

Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete is a high strength, shrinkage compensated, chloride free, low permeability repair concrete. It contains a blend of low alkali Portland cements, micro-silica and other cementitious binders combined with high purity limestone aggregates and a system of compatible admixtures.

Why use Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete

Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete is a high strength structural repair concrete that achieves compressive strengths of 25 N/mm2 after 1 day, 50 N/mm2 after 7 days and 60 N/mm2 after 28 days. It achieves a flexural strength of 4.0 N/mm2 after 1 day, 7.5 N/mm2 after 7 days and 9.0 N/mm2 after 28 days.
Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete is chloride free and has low permeability, which prevents ingress of chlorides, acid gases and water. This makes it suitable for repairing steel reinforced concrete and protective of steel components.
Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete can be installed in depths from 12mm to 200mm has a pourable consistency that is easy to place in shuttering and is self-compacting, so does not require vibration or manual compaction.


Where can Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete be used?

Flowing repair concrete for civil engineering

High compressive and flexural strength combined with low permeability makes Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete suitable for a wide range of civil engineering maintenance and repair applications
Flowing repair concrete for highways

Flowing Repair Concrete has been independently tested by UKAS Lab for compliance to D.o.T. Highways Agency Spec BD27/86. Vol.3, Sect 3, Chapter 4 Clause 4.6. It is suitable for concrete repairs in a range of road and highways applications.

Class R4 Structural Repair Concrete to BS EN 1504

Pozament Flowing Repair Concrete meets BS EN 1504 requirements for Class R4 structural repair concretes.
Concrete for structural repairs to bridges

Flowing Repair Concrete is suitable for structural bridge repairs to bridge columns, bridge beams and bridge decks. Tarmac also supply a range of asphalts specifically designed for concrete overlays (Ultilayer SAMI).

Product comparison table

Precision Grout - PG
High Strength - HS
Rapid - R

Workability/flow retention
High ultimate strength
Fast setting/Rapid strength gain

Workability time
30 mins
15 mins
5 mins

Compressive Strength

60 minutes
2.5 N/mm2

90 minutes
20 N/mm2

120 minutes
25 N/mm2

1 day
15 N/mm2
45 N/mm2
40 N/mm2

7 days
40 N/mm2
70 N/mm2
52 N/mm2

28 days
55 N/mm2
85 N/mm2
70 N/mm2

Tested to BS EN 1504-3

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For full technical details download the technical data sheet.

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