GM Grout Range

Pozament General Purpose Construction Grout is a versatile range of flowing general-purpose grouts designed for applications where a high sulphate resistance is required including annulus grouting, void filling, piling and ground remediation. They meet the requirements set out in BS 8500-1 to achieve a sulphate resistance class of DC4.

Why use Pozament GM Grout Range

Pozament GM Grouts are designed to resist attack by sulphates that can seriously degrade conventional concretes. This makes them suitable for a wide range of groundwork applications within the requirements of BS 8500-1, DC4.
Pozament GM Grouts are available in 11 different formulations with 28 day strengths ranging from 0.5 N/mm2 to 46 N/mm2 making them suitable for a wide range of structural and non-structural applications.
Excellent flow characteristics enable Pozament GM Grouts to be quickly and easily pumped into place and effectively fill voids.


Where can Pozament GM Grout Range be used?

Sulphate resisting ground remediation grout

Pozament GM Grouts can be used for ground remediation on challenging sites to stabilise and structurally enhance ground conditions. They are available in a wide range of strengths for different client requirements and ground conditions.
Sulphate resisting grout for void filling

As non-shrink general purpose grouts with excellent resistance to sulphates, Pozament GM Grouts are suitable for structural and non-structural void filling applications.
Sulphate resisting piling grout

Pozament GM Grouts are available in a wide range of strengths and yields for piling installation, with 28 day strengths up to 46 N/mm2.

Sulphate resisting grout for marine construction and maintenance

With a low washout grout available in the range, Pozament GM Grouts are the ideal choice for marine applications like sea walls, coastal defences or ports and harbours.

Sulphate resisting annulus grout

Excellent flow characteristics and a high resistance to sulphates makes GM Grouts a great choice for annulus grouting of tunnel linings.
Product comparison table




Compressive Strength

1 day
10-12 N/mm2
5-8 N/mm2
2-3 N/mm2

3 days
15-18 N/mm2
8-10 N/mm2
4-6 N/mm2
1.5-3.5 N/mm2
1-2.5 N/mm2

7 days
30-32 N/mm2
17-19 N/mm2
8-10 N/mm2
4-6 N/mm2
3-5 N/mm2

28 days
44-46 N/mm2
28-32 N/mm2
16-18 N/mm2
11-13 N/mm2
8-10 N/mm2

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