CemThix Installation Grout

Pozament CemThix Installation Grout is a high early strength, thixotropic grout designed for grouting of vertical, horizontal and overhead joints between linked precast wall segments and structural support of precast panels.

Cable Bolt Grout (CBG)

Anchor grout for cable bolting and securing GRP bolts and dowels. Specially formulated to reinforce and bond rock strata to enable secure anchoring.

Polymer Modified Grout Range

Pre-blended cementitious grouts made with polymeric additives to provide grouts with excellent washout resistance.

Set Accelerated Grout Range

Fast setting grouts for civil engineering that enable rapid setting times, allowing faster completion and allowing work to be completed within restricted time windows.

Concrete Structure Grout

Pozament Concrete Structure Grout is a high strength structural grout. This highly fluid flowing structural grout can be pumped into place and is self-levelling, for fast-efficient installation in depths of up to 100mm.

Ductfill Expansive Construction Grout

A range of high performance expansive grouts designed for a range of structural and non-structural applications. It is available in a range of strengths from 40 to 80N/mm2.

High Flow Construction Grout

A non-shrink, high strength cement based flowing grout designed for pumped placement over large areas without bleed or mix segregation and high penetration.

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