CemThix Installation Grout

Pozament CemThix Installation Grout is a high early strength, thixotropic grout designed for grouting of vertical, horizontal and overhead joints between linked precast wall segments and structural support of precast panels.

Cable Bolt Grout (CBG)

A strata reinforcement grout for cable bolting and securing GRP bolts and dowels. Specially formulated to reinforce and bond rock strata, especially coal and shale surfaces.

High Flow Construction Grout

A non-shrink, high strength cement based flowing grout designed for pumped placement over large areas without bleed or mix segregation and high penetration.

Expansive Grout Range

A range of high yield, high penetration expansive grouts designed to give controlled expansion and minimal plastic shrinkage.

Flow Modified Grout Range

Pre-blended high flow cementitious grouts, manufactured using ordinary Portland cement, selected fillers and a chloride free super plasticising additives to produce a highly fluid mix.

Gel Modified Grout Range

A range of thixotropic, pre-blended cementitous grouts with an early gel time and excellent pumpable qualities when mixed with water.

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